Kids FItness Foundations

Sundays at 2 p.m.

Located at:

Krav Maga Salem

2050 Vista Ave Suite #120,

Salem, Oregon 97302

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Why Kids Fitness Foundations

Kids Fitness Foundations is a fun fitness class for kids. While it may look like we are all fun and obstacle courses, each class is designed specifically to help your child build crucial fundamental movement skills that will benefit them throughout their entire life.

Each class is designed by certified personal trainer and youth fitness specialist Ashley Cunningham.

At Kids Fitness Foundations you can enjoy small student to teacher ratios; allowing for better individualized attention on your child.

Kids Are Not Just Small Adults

From their wants and motivations, to the way their rapidly growing body moves, we know that children are not just small versions of adults. At class you can rest easy knowing each movement is thought out, age appropriate and designed to work with their growing bodies. Reducing risk of injury and instilling encouragement for each child's beliefs in their own abilities.

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